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Welcome to my website.

A Thought I Had.

About 2 Months ago I was looking on ebay for some memory for my old Dell Poweredge 6300 (thinking about making a new web site and trying to make a dollar .several years ago i sold software for some one else and it looked promising) and ran across a Dell Poweredge 2850 cheaper than I could buy memory for my 6300 . So I bought it. It was way faster than any computer I own, 2 twin core 3.8 gh prossers 8gig ram 1.2 tb hard drives(total). My 2850 came by ups undamaged (sigh of relief). Took it home plugged it up and it comes up to dos and works fine (it came with no software).

Here's Where the Fun Starts.

No software!

Wanted to try Community Visual Basic 2015 thought it would be nice to dabble in coding . And wanted a software that was not out of date So windows 10 Was the answer. So i got back on ebay found and ordered windows 10 for $35Bucks (alright) . Days later the software was delivered I opened the package and it was on a DVD. I DON'T have a dvd drive in the 2850. So I went back on line FOR DAYS trying to find out how to load windows 10 on to a poweredge 2850 with a flash drive. I found web sites that had all the answers but none of them worked for me. SO I got back on ebay (where i got in trouble the first place) and ordered me a dvd burner for $14 and free shipping . A few days later my dvd drive shows up and I install it and insert the windows 10 dvd. The computer locates the dvd and boots it , and shows me some windows (a windows logo) and 30 minutes later I still got windows nothing but windows. I reboot and the same thing happens again and again. So i get back on the internet and try to figure out what is going on and according to the sites I visited windows10 don't have drivers for my perc 4d raid card. I locate a windows perc driver and put it on floppy but the software never ask for it (please in stall third party drivers). I found a forum where a dell tech said the easiest install on a PE 2850 would be windows server 2008 standard and of course he was right . I downloaded windows server 2008 from Microsoft web site and burned to dvd put it in the dvd drive booted the computer and wow . It ask me a few questions and said that will be all for now for we got this . I ate supper and came back to a booted and working computer.

Visual Basic 2015

Will not run on Windows Server 2008 Standard.

Windows Server 2008 Standard. Is at end of Life and has no Support No Updates and You are on your Own!

Well CRUD! So I forget about Visual Basic for now and play with my new computer and try to get use to this new software and find the browser is so out of date it is useless. So I start downloading and trying browsers . I forget how many I tried and ended up with an older version of Firefox that would work with windows server 2008 standard and liked it . It worked circles around a10 year old Internet Explorer. So I was content for a while (constantly looking for a better software) and started looking for my money maker . Looked at Make Money at Home web sites and ran across the Amazon affiliate-program sinned up, built my site using Godaddy , Optimized my site with godady software , Published my site to the top search engs and walaa!

Nothing Happened!

No hits no visitors no Money .

Checked my page rank and found it was average . Out of about 800 million web sites don't this put me about 400 million web pages down in the search engs results? Has any body ever looked threw that many pages before? So I started doing some research and figured out if you want to sell something and want it listed on Googles First Page you must purchase google ADS (and have deep pockets). I don't have deep pockets so I started checking out SEO Web Sites and Seo Software. Found some Free Seo Tools and used some of them. I downloaded trial versions of

SEO PowerSuite

I Business Promoter

Improve your web site traffic and page rank with

IBP SEO software

These are very useful in the trial versions and I like both (have not decided witch to buy yet ) BUT if you are interested please buy the IBP I am an IBP affiliate. I now have my website in great shape according to a couple of seo tools but during my research I found out Google will only rank you highly if you have a number of high quality backlinks. So I start looking for quality backlinks , any backlinks . I found a article on directorys that would list your sits that google likes (giving you backlinks) and guess what ? They all charge you buy the month to be listed in there directory!

So Now What !

If you have any comments or suggestions please email me .

Thanks cdavidd

And any body that I mentioned above (or below) and linked to please feel free to link back to me (hint hint).


I did find a software that would load on to my poweredge 2850 that is still in service and will run Visual Basic 2015 , and has a working and updatable browser, very stable and time tested. windows server 2012 r2 and I like it. Bought a genuine Microsoft product key off ebay (25 bucks). I have got to stay off ebay. And speaking of software I like you should try these.

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I get my web site templates at ARaynorDesigni they look and work great .

I edit them with Amaya W3C's Editor best, easiest editor I have ever used.

Wise Program Uninstaller I had zip program take over and would not uninstall .

Now I use 7-zip file archiver with no problems. And these 4 software are FREE!